Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Collecting Resolutions for 2014

Better late than never, here is my list for my hobby resolutions that I hope to accomplish in 2014. Most of these are not concrete goals, but just general ideas that I would like to strive for.

1. Start working on some PC's
Most collectors have specific Personal Collections that they like to work on, and I suppose my main "collecting purpose" is to collect cards of my favorite Chicago sports teams. However, I also want to start some more specific PC's. Here are some ideas I have:

Marian Hossa PC

Steve Larmer PC

Rookie cards of 2010 Blackhawks. This idea I stole from Sal.

Rookie cards of 2013 Blackhawks. Ditto.

Matt Forte PC

"Fan Interaction" PC. I know some other bloggers, like Jeff from 2 by 3 Heroes try to collect cards with specific types of photos, and since I love meeting players, I thought this would be a good one.

2. 100 posts in 2014
I can be quite inconsistent about posting sometimes, so having a specific goal should help me be better about posting. I finished 2013 with 75 posts, so this goal should be pretty easy to reach. It averages out to about two posts per week, which is very doable. 

3. Send out 50 TTM letters
One of the best things about collecting sports cards is trying to get them signed by players. I have a lot extras and junk that are doing nothing, so why not send them out and try to get them signed? I can meet this goal by sending out one letter each week; once again, very doable. Actually, it's only January 4, and I have sent out one letter (to Doug Wilson) and am about to send two more that I've written (Nick Leddy and Niklas Hjalmarsson), so I already have a pretty good start to this.

So that's about it for my resolutions. These should help me enjoy the hobby and expand my collection more, and that's about all that matters as long as you're having fun doing it.

Good luck in the new year!